Pages Used to Manage My Preferences Personalizations

This table describes the pages used to manage My Preference personalizations.





My Preferences – Structure and Content

PeopleTools > Portal > Structure and Content > Fluid Structure and Content > My Preferences

Note: These actions pertain to creating custom My Preference items.

  • Create preference item labels.

  • Create the folder structure for preference items.

  • Define content references to preference pages.

The preference item label is the name that appears at the top of the My Preferences page with the preference item is selected.

When multiple preference items are defined, this is the label that appears in the left navigation panel on the My Preferences page.

You can create a nested folder structure for preferences, defining a label for each level in the structure.

You also must create content references to the pages that contain the options for users to set.


PeopleTools > Personalization > Categories

View or create option category names.

These are the drop-down categories that the end-user sees on the My Preferences – General Settings page.

A category is holder of related preferences.

For example, in the default General Settings preferences delivered with PeopleTools, Regional Settings is a category that contains default personalization options such as calendar type, date format, time format, and so on.

Personalization Options

PeopleTools > Personalization > Personalization Options

View, define and manage the My Preference options that users set.

Personalization options are the individual preferences that users set on the My Preferences – General Settings page.

When you define a personalization option, you define the category in which to place it.

For example, PeopleTools delivers Calendar, Date Format, and Local Time Zone personalization options. These personalization options are assigned to the Regional Settings category by default, and are grouped together on the My Preferences page.

Category Groups

PeopleTools > Personalization > Category Groups

Create category groups for applying permission list access to personalization options.

The category groups that you define on this page appear on the Personalization Options grid.

On the Personalization Options page you define a category group for each preference.

As an example, the Calendar, Date Format, and Local Time Zone personalization options are defined in the PS Internet Architecture category group by default.

When you define permission list access to personalizations on the My Preference – General Settings page, you do so by category group.