Secure by Default

The PeopleSoft system is delivered “secure by default,” with all default passwords removed from the installation to the extent possible.

The administrator establishes passwords for key system components during the installation, set up and configuration of the database and PeopleSoft system.

The administrator must establish passwords for the following components during system installation, set up and configuration:

System Component


When/Where to Set Password

Connect ID.

Establishes connection to the database.

Database installation and configuration.

Access ID.

Access ID to the database.

Database installation and configuration.

User profile.


Defines the access level in the database.

Database installation and configuration.


Used for initial signon to the PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture (PIA) after the web server is started.

Database installation and configuration.

Domain connection.

Used for JOLT connections between the web server and application server.

PIA installation.

Web server.

Used for communication with the web server.

PIA installation.

Integration gateway.

Used to access the integration gateway properties file.

PIA installation.

For those cases where a password cannot be removed from the installation, a password change is required at the time of initial use.

An example of a default password that cannot be removed from the installation is the Java keystore password. Users are prompted to change the password during initial access to the Java keystore and cannot proceed until the default password is changed.