Understanding Definition Security (Browser Client)

This topic provides a feature overview of definition security in the browser client and performance considerations.

Feature Overview

Like definition security in the Windows client, definition security in the browser client enables you to create, copy and delete definition groups, as well as grant permission list access to definition groups in the PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture (PIA).

However, definition security in the browser client provides additional functionality that is not available in the Windows client application, including the ability to:

  • Populate definition groups based on SQL-like selection criteria.

  • Populate definition groups based on an Application Designer project.

  • Create inclusion rules so that new objects added to the database and that meet an inclusion rule are added to a definition group. This includes the ability to:

    • Save selection criteria used to initially populate a definition group as an inclusion rule.

    • Re-process inclusion rules to ensure any new definitions that meet/no longer meet the original selection criteria are automatically added/deleted to/from the group.

  • Define row-level security.

  • Enable or disable Secure by Default for all objects covered by Definition Security.

  • View unsecured definitions/definitions that don’t belong to a definition group.

See Comparing Browser Client and Windows Client Definition Security for a comparison of features between definition security in the Windows client and definition security in browser client modes. This topic also lists the definition types with which you can work in the different environments.

Development Considerations

Consider the following when developing and managing definition groups:

  • Note the following about the search mechanism when searching for definitions to insert into definition groups:

    • Search results do not include definitions that are already defined in a group.

    • The system processes the operator value like as contains.

  • Inclusion rules are applied only during definition group set up or via Process Scheduler.

Performance Considerations

Definition types with a large number of definitions may take longer to load in the browser client than the PIA timeout setting. Consider the following suggestions as you work:

  • When creating definition groups, use filters to narrow your search criteria and thereby your returned results. Doing so can improve data loading time into PIA.

  • The Unsecured Definitions page provides access to viewing definitions that do not belong to a definition group. No search filters are provided on this page, so by default all unsecured definitions covered by definition security load.

    Use this page as a monitoring tool after you have secured the definitions in the database.