Assigning Definition Groups to Permission Lists (Windows Client)

This topic discusses using Definition Security in the Windows client to assign definition groups to permission lists.

To link a definition group to a permission list, the permission list must already exist.

To link definition groups to a permission list:

  1. Select File > Open > Permission List.

    The Definition Security Open dialog box appears.

  2. Select a permission list and click the OK button.

    The window displays two list boxes, similar to what you see when adding or removing definitions.

    The list box on the right shows the existing definition groups that are not currently linked to the active permission list. The list box on the left shows the group IDs that the permission list is currently authorized to access. The group ID is the name that you specified when saving a definition group.

  3. Specify the included and excluded groups.

    To enable access to a definition group, select it in the Excluded Group ID list box on the right and move it into the list box on the left. To restrict access to a group, select it on the left and move it into the Excluded Group ID list box on the right. To move just the selected groups, use the single arrows. To move all groups, use the double arrows

    The All Definitions group includes all system definitions. Use it to grant unrestricted access to all databases.

  4. Select File, Save to save your changes