Enabling Display-Only Mode (Windows Client)

Enabling display-only access to a definition group means the definitions in that group can be viewed but not modified. You need to link the definition group to the permission list before you specify a display-only value.

For the All Definitions group, display-only mode applies only to the definition groups in the Excluded Group ID list.

The following example shows a permission list (INVPANLS) with access to all definitions, or All Definitions status. Notice that display only is activated. However, it only applies to those groups in the Excluded Group ID list: the NEWGROUP, ONEMENU, and PEOPLETOOLS groups. This means that the INVPANLS permission list has read and write access to all definitions in the system except for those that appear in the Excluded Group ID list. For those definitions, INVPANLS only has read access.

To enable or disable display-only access:

  1. Select Change, Display Only.

    The Definition Security List dialog box appears.

    This dialog box lists all the definition groups assigned to the current permission list.

  2. Select the groups in the list that you want to make display-only.

    You can use the All button to select all the groups in the list.

  3. Click OK.