Preserving Historical User Profile Data

Although you probably do not want to keep the permissions or sign-on access information for every user who has ever existed in the system, you generally do need to retain certain historical user profile data from your system. For example, local, state, and federal laws might demand that you retain certain employee history information. As another example, you might audit changes that users make to vital company data in the event you need to check that information a few months later if you discover some interesting financial allocations.

Use Data Archive Manager to archive and restore user profile data.

See History Tables.

Important! Remember that deleting and purging user profile data deletes every row of data associated with a particular user profile from every table in which the OPRID field is a key field, including archived tables if they remain in your production database.

To preserve user profile information in a table for which the OPRID field is a key field, use the Bypass Tables page .

See Bypassing Tables During the Delete User Profile Process.