Securing User Profile Synchronization

During service operation configuration consider implementing the following to secure user profile synchronization:

Consider using any or all of the following to secure the service operations used in user profile synchronization:

Field or Control


Point-to Point Routings

Consider using point-to-point routings for user profile synchronization.

In a point-to-point routing you explicitly define the sending and receiving nodes in a transaction on the Routings – Routing Definitions page.

See Understanding Routing Definitions

Inbound Security Verification

You can set a required level of security for inbound service operations, including that they be digitally signed, encrypted, sent using SSL, or a combinations of these.

See Validating Security on Inbound Integrations

User Authentication

When integrating with other PeopleSoft systems, user authentication determines the user ID to set on outbound integrations. The receiving system extracts this information and uses the user ID to validate against the permission list to which a service operation is assigned. If the user ID is assigned to the permission list, the sender can invoke the service operation.

See Managing User Authentication