Using Application Engine Programs to Encrypt and Decrypt Tables

There are two Application Engine programs that do full table encryption and decryption:


    If you use Data Mover to export data from a PeopleTools version that pre-dates PET to the current tools version, run PTENCRYPTPET on the target database after the import to encrypt the table data.


    If you use Data Mover to export PET table data from the current version into a version of PeopleTools that predates the introduction of the encrypt and decrypt field object methods, run PTDECRYPTPET on the source data prior to exporting to decrypt the table data.

    Run PTDECRYPTPET on encrypted tables before running any process that does not have the ability to execute PeopleCode, such as nVision, SQR, and so on.

    Note: It is recommended that you run PTENCRYPTPET after the system completes such processing.

Note: PET encryption and decryption works regardless of whether the keys are encrypted.