Using Other PeopleSoft Personalizations

This table lists other types of PeopleSoft personalizations.



Components and Pages

User Navigation

Additional Information

Personalize your home page.


The fields and controls on the Personalized Home Page page enable end users to personalize their home page, including selecting the pagelets and menus to display on their home page.

Personalized Home Page page.

From the Classic home page:

  • Click the Content link to manage the pagelets and menus that appear on the homepage.

  • Click the Layout link to manage the layout of the homepage.

See Personalizing Classic Homepages and Dashboards

Personalize your home page.


The fields and controls on the Personalize page enable you to add or remove home pages, add and delete tiles from your homepage, and more.

Personalize page.

From the Action menu, select Personalize.

See Working with Fluid Homepages and Dashboards

Personalize NavBar.


The fields and controls on the Personalize NavBar page enable you to add and remove items on the Fluid NavBar.

Personalize NavBar page

Click the Gear icon at the top of the NavBar pane.

See Setting Component Properties for Fluid Components and Applying Styles

Personalize pagelets.


Some pagelets provide options to personalize pagelet content, such display charts, show/hide prompts, and more.

Note: Not all pagelets allow personalization.


Click the Gear icon in top right corner of the pagelet to display any personalizations available for the content.

Personalization options can appear in a drop-down list or in secondary pages.

See Personalizing Pagelets

Personalize related content.


Users can show or hide specific items on embedded related content on a page or items displayed in the Related Content frame at the right of the page.

Personalize Related Information page.

Click the Gear icon in the top right corner of a Related Content frame.

See Working with Embedded Related Content