SQR for PeopleSoft Tools

SQR for PeopleSoft is a powerful enterprise reporting system that provides direct access to multiple data sources. The SQR for PeopleSoft tools enables you to create clear, professional reports from complex arrays of information systems.

This PeopleBook describes the following SQR for PeopleSoft tools:

  • The SQR language, which is a flexible, fourth-generation reporting language with a lexicon of more than 110 commands.

    The procedural design of SQR enables you to develop, implement, and distribute complex reports easily.

  • SQR Execute, which enables you to run previously compiled SQR programs.

  • SQR Print, which enables you to configure reports for most printers.

  • SQR Samples, a library of SQR programs and output that provides a framework for creating configured reports.