Tagged PDF Support for SQR

  1. What is a Tagged PDF report in SQR?

    Starting with Tools 8.53, a Tagged PDF report is accessible through SQR. Use PDF type toproduce Tagged PDF output.

    The Tagged PDF reports uses a high-level SQR program structure whereby the tags are used in a procedural way.

    For more information about SQR program structure, please refer to:

    The SQR Language.

    The Tagged PDF feature for screen reading software supports vision-impaired computer users.

  2. How are the predefined commands processed by the SQR Program generating tagged PDF output against non-PDF output?

    The SQR engine processes the commands only if the output type is PDF. Otherwise, it works normally and has no effect on other output types.

    Non-PDF outputs, such as HTML, SPF, and LIS, use pre-8.53 functionality.

  3. Can users generate a Tagged PDF report using the command line?

    If you are generating a Tagged PDF report using the command line, specify the PDF_TAG flag.

    For example: sqrw %PS_HOME%\sqr\test.sqr user/password@DBNAME "-i%PS_HOME%\sqr\;" -zif%PS_HOME%\sqr\pssqr.ini "-fD:\temp\test.PDF" -pdf_tag -PRINTER:PD

  4. Do general guidelines exist for creating a Tagged PDF using predefined SQR commands?

    SQR commands for a Tagged PDF document use the following guidelines:

    • Use begin_XXXXX and end_XXXXX predefined SQR commands.

      For example: begin_tag_heading print 'SAMPLE HEADING‘ (+2,{C_MenuName}) end_tag_heading

    • Do not nest the tagged items, headings, paragraphs, and nested tables. The following SQR command produces an Accessibility Checker error for nested tags:

      begin_tag_heading print 'SAMPLE HEADING‘ (+2,{C_MenuName}) begin_tag_heading print 'SAMPLE HEADING‘ (+2,{C_MenuName}) end_tag_heading end_tag_heading

    • To create lists and tables, follow a procedure to call the predefined SQR commands.

    • To create tagged tables and lists that ares similar to HTML tables and lists, such as Table, TH, TR, and TD.

      SeeSQR Commands to Create Tagged PDF Table and

      SQR Commands to Create Tagged PDF Lists

    • Use SQR command tags to effectively tag the contents in a .pdf file. Partially tagged contents are not recognized by screen readers such as Jaws in logic order.

  5. How do I check whether the Tagged PDF report is effectively tagged?

    Accessibility Checkers available in the market can be used to check the tagged pdf report.

    For more information on Accessibility Checker, please access the following link:

    Using Accessibility Checkers