Generating Output from the Command Line

To begin running SQR Print, enter the following command. (If you are in Microsoft Windows, invoke SQRWP rather than SQRP.)

SQRP [spf-file] [flags...]

The following table describes the spf-file and flags variables.

SQR Print writes an .lis file with the same name as the .spf file but with an lis extension. You can override this name with the -F command-line flag.

The -PRINTER command-line flag specifies the printer type. SQR offers these printer type options:

  • Line printer

  • HP LaserJet

  • PostScript

  • HTML

  • Enhanced HTML

  • Adobe PDF

  • Enhanced HTML and Adobe PDF

If the report contains graphics and you select a line printer, then SQR Print will ignore graphic elements (such as lines, boxes, and charts) and print only the text.