PDF Fonts: Exclusion Ranges Section

The PDF Fonts: Exclusion Ranges section defines character ranges you want to exclude from the range a font covers. Without an exclusion range, SQR uses all of the character ranges a font covers, and then checks the font listed in the next priority only when it does not cover a character. By specifying an exclusion range, you can use a font in a lower priority for a specific character or a range of characters. This mechanism allows users to control which font to use down to a single character level.

The syntax in this section is as follows:

Font Number=Font1 Exclusion Range, Font2 Exclusion Range, ...

Exclusion ranges apply to the list of fonts defined in the PDF Fonts section. For example, if you have a PDF Fonts section like the following:


In addition, if you define the PDF Fonts: Exclusion Ranges section like this,


then you are defining that the Euro currency symbol (0x20AC in Unicode) be rendered using the Cumberland font, even though Courier has it. In addition, Greek characters (from 0x3070 to 0x30FF in Unicode) are rendered using HeiseiKakuGo-W5 font, even though Cumberland has them.

Each Exclusion range is specified using Unicode (UCS-2) codepoint, in decimal or in hexadecimal, in the following ways:

0x20AC (single character)

160-255 (range)

0x20AC|0x00A0-0x00FF (multiple characters and ranges)

Hexadecimal numbers need to be preceded by 0x; otherwise, they are recognized as decimal.