PDF Fonts Section

The PDF Fonts section lists the available fonts for SQR when printing using the -PRINTER:PD command-line flag. Fonts specified are case sensitive.

Unlike the Fonts section, the PDF Fonts section uses a list of fonts mapped to a single font number. You can specify up to 10 fonts for a single font number. Depending on the character to print, SQR determines the font to use from the list. The following is the syntax of this font list:

Font Number=Font1, Font2, Font3 ...

The list is ordered by priority from the left. If Font1 has a glyph (an image of a character) for the character you want to print, then used; but if Font1 does not have a glyph, then Font2 is checked and used if it has a glyph for that character.

Font Number is a decimal number that specifies fonts in the SQR program using statements like DEFINE-PRINTER or ALTER-PRINTER.

Font numbers that are multiples of 100 (300, 3200, and so on) are recognized as a bold version of the base font. For example, font 300 is the bold version of Font3.

Font numbers 30 to 39 are recognized as italic fonts, and multiples of 30 to 39 (3000, 3100, and so on) are bold italic versions of the font. If you assign nonbold fonts for a font number recognized as bold, such as 600, the text is printed in bold.

Font1, Font2, and Font3 represent the font name. You can use Adobe Reader core fonts, Adobe Reader Asian Font Pack fonts, or TrueType fonts.

Adobe Reader core fonts are the fonts that Adobe Reader natively supports. The core fonts are:

  • Courier

  • Courier-Bold

  • Courier-Oblique

  • Courier-BoldOblique

  • Helvetica

  • Helvetica-Bold

  • Helvetica-Oblique

  • Helvetica-BoldOblique

  • Times-Roman

  • Times-Bold

  • Times-Italic

  • Times-BoldItalic

  • Symbol

  • ZapfDingbats

Adobe Reader Asian Font Pack fonts are the font packages Adobe provides as an add-on to Adobe Reader for the purpose of viewing Asian text. You can download these fonts from the Adobe website or, if you use Adobe Reader 6, the Asian Font Pack automatically downloads when you open a PDF file that contains a font from the Asian Font Pack. Alternatively, you can use the Adobe Reader localized to any of the Japanese, Chinese, or Korean languages. These localized versions come with the same fonts that are included in the Asian Font Pack. These Asian Font Pack fonts are used with SQR:

  • HeiseiKakuGo-W5 (Japanese)

  • HeiseiMin-W3 (Japanese)

  • MHei-Medium (Traditional Chinese)

  • MSung-Light (Traditional Chinese)

  • STSong-Light (Simplified Chinese)

  • HYGoThic-Medium (Korean)

  • HYSMyeongJo-Medium (Korean)

In addition, you can use TrueType/OpenType fonts that exist on the machine where you run SQR. If you use TrueType fonts for PDF output, they will be always embedded as subset of the original font. To use TrueType fonts for PDF output, you need to specify the mapping between the font name and the font file path in the [TrueType Fonts] section, and then include the font name in the font list under the [PDF Fonts] section. More information about TrueType fonts is included in a later section in the “PDF Fonts Section” topic.

See TrueType Font Section.