TrueType Font Section

The TrueType Font section defines the mapping of font name, which is an alias SQR uses internally to look up a font and physical font file name. You need to specify the font in the full path, unless you have placed fonts in a directory specified in the Font Path parameter or in a Windows font folder if you are running SQR on Windows.

The syntax is:

font name=fontfile path

For example, if you have the font courier.ttf in the c:\user\fonts directory, you set the following in this section:


Font name can be any string that is convenient for you to identify the font, and it does not need to correspond to the internal name of the font. You should not use the same font name that is used for Adobe core fonts or for Asian Font Pack fonts. If you set the same name for any of Adobe core fonts or Asian Font Pack fonts, then the TrueType font is used.

Note: TrueType font embedding is now supported by SQR running on z/OS. However, the Font Path parameter under the TrueType Font section is not supported for z/OS. If you are on z/OS, you need to specify the full path to each entry.

If you have a TrueType Collection (TTC) file, you will also need to specify the font number to access the specific font included in the collection. For example, if MS P Mincho is included in the TrueType Collection file msmincho.ttc, then you will need to specify:


The font number within the TrueType collection starts at 0. msmincho.ttc contains MS Mincho and MS P Mincho in this order; thus the number 0 represents MS Mincho and 1 represents MS P Mincho. If you do not specify a font number, SQR uses font with font number 0 from the TrueType Collection file.

Note: You can use only Microsoft type of Unicode-based TrueType/OpenType fonts with SQR. SQR requires TrueType/OpenType font to have CMAP table with Platform ID 3 (Microsoft), Encoding ID 0 (Symbol), 4 (UCS-2), or 10 (UCS-4) and table format 4 or 12. SQR does not support OpenType fonts with CFF (Postscript) outline. You can use OpenType fonts with TrueType outlines, but SQR does not make use of advanced layout features provided with an OpenType font.