Testing Inbound Flat File Processing

To test inbound files:

  1. Create a sample flat file, or ask the third-party vendor for a sample flat file.

  2. Launch the Flat File utility.

    1. Through the browser, sign in to PeopleSoft Internet Architecture.

    2. Select Enterprise Components, Management, Inbound File Rule.

  3. Run the Application Engine program to convert the sample flat file to a message by running Message Monitor.

    Use Message Monitor to ensure that the inbound file processing created a publish message that contains the sample flat file data.

    1. Verify that the standard inbound subscription process received the message and processed it into the application tables.

    2. Determine whether the values become the inherited values (if you used the inherited value feature in file layout).

    3. Validate that the production or staging tables loaded with the correct field values.

      For production tables, look in the PeopleSoft application pages.

      For staging tables, use either the PeopleSoft application pages or run a query by using PeopleSoft Query.

    4. Ensure that the date formats conform.