Understanding Initiative Management

This section lists prerequisites and discusses initiative management.

Before you can manage any type of initiative, you must have completed its setup. All initiatives use a few common setup pages, and some initiatives require additional setup that is specific to their function.

To manage any type of initiative (campaign, volunteer effort, membership initiative, event, or other type of initiative):

  1. Create the initiative.

  2. (Optional) Define the audience.

  3. (Optional) Link related initiatives.

  4. (Optional) Assign resources.

  5. (Optional) Create a public relations (PR) plan.

  6. (Optional) Create a budget.

  7. (Optional) Track budget expenses.

  8. (Optional) Create initiative actions.

  9. (Optional) View action summary information.

  10. (Optional) View related goals.

  11. (Optional) View responsible staff for related initiatives.

  12. (Optional) Create initiative or membership letters.