Understanding the Interface

If your institution uses a financial system other than Peoplesoft Financials to run GL interface, the system creates a flat file, which your institution's financial system can access. However, if your institution uses PeopleSoft Financials, Contributor Relations can use publish and subscribe functionality (messaging back and forth) between its database and PeopleSoft Financials so that the two systems can share accounting line information. The publish and subscribe functionality is asynchronous, meaning that the systems do not process GL transactions in real time.

Publish and subscribe functionality helps your institution's ability to track financial information in both Contributor Relations and PeopleSoft Financials, since the messages sent from PeopleSoft Financials to Contributor Relations after the journals have been created include specific journal information such as the Journal ID, Date, and Line Number. This assists in the audit trail of transactions passed between the databases.

For more information, see PeopleSoft FSCM: General Ledger