Understanding FERPA Privacy Control

The FERPA privacy control functionality is named for the U.S. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act regulation. However, anyone can use the functionality to set privacy controls in PeopleSoft Campus Solutions.

To comply with FERPA, you must, at minimum, make directory information available for privacy control. You must review the FERPA_VW records in your system and configure them to reflect the type of information that your institution uses as directory information.

The fields shipped on each FERPA_VW record that is delivered with your system, are examples of that type of directory information.

Note: No examples are shipped for the extracurricular activities view record (ACTVTS_FERPA_VW).

If the shipped examples do not reflect your institution's directory information, you should modify the relevant FERPA_VW records and other objects to adjust the data accordingly.

You can specify additional fields on existing FERPA_VW records to include more information within the same FERPA-controlled category (address, names, personal information, and so on).

You can also use PeopleSoft Application Designer (see your PeopleTools documentation) to do the following:

Create and add new FERPA_VW records to add new categories to your system's FERPA control. You must create a FERPA_VW record for each new category and modify the following to accommodate the new record:

  • Records whose names start with FERPA.

  • Views whose names end with FERPA_VW.

  • PeopleCode attached to FERPA pages, including:





Remove a field from the FERPA pages. You must also modify the view text on the appropriate pages.

  • Use a SQL query tool or write an SQR program to remove all occurrences of the value from the field on the FERPA_OVERRIDE data (DELETE FROM PS_FERPA_OVERRIDE WHERE FIELDNAME='SEX').

  • Remove the field from all other FERPA-related pages.

  • Use Application Designer to remove the value from FERPA control.

Warning! Removing name, address, phone, and email fields from FERPA views will affect the directory listings in PeopleSoft Campus Self Service Community Directory. You might need to modify the directory load process.