Using the Advisor Homepage

This topic describes the delivered Advisor Homepage.

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Advisor Homepage


Access Advisor self-service transactions.

Use the Advisor Homepage to access a variety of self-service transactions.

Tiles on the Advisor Homepage

Depending on the homepage setup, you may be able to choose which tiles appear on the homepage.

Tile Name


My Advisees

Select this tile to open the My Advisees (SAA_ADVISOR_FL.SAA_ADV_LIST_FL) page, where you can:

  • view a list of your advisees in either grid or tile format. You can view the adviseeā€™s name and ID, and the committee for the advisee.

  • email your advisee by clicking the corresponding ID.

  • view your advising notes for each advisee on the Advising Notes page. On this page, you can create an advising note, or select the drop down button below the page title to view data for other advisees or students.

  • notify one or more advisees by selecting the corresponding Notify check box. You can also select the Dropdown button below the page title to select notification options, or navigate to the Advising Notes page.

My Advising Notes

Select this tile to open the My Advising Notes (SAA_ADVISOR_FL.SAA_ADVNOTE_SUM_FL) page, where you can:

  • search for and view the notes you have created or that have been assigned to you.

  • view, create, and update notes for other students by clicking the View data for other students button.

Additional Tiles

If you set up integration through the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub, the Advisor Homepage can also display tiles from the integrated systems.

On the interaction hub cluster, homepages with the same name are automatically merged. Therefore, tiles from other homepages automatically appear on the Advisor Homepage when integration to the source system is active and the user has security access to the tiles.