Using the Campus Solutions Administrator Homepage

The Campus Solutions Administrator Home page contains sample navigation collections. These navigation collections support the following business processes:

  • Student Customer Service. The tiles within this collection reflect the commonly used pages or components accessed by an institution’s Help Desk or Customer Service Center to access detailed information about a student or other individual. The pages are not limited to just one product area.

  • Product-area specific processes. The tiles within these product areas reflect the commonly used pages or components accessed by administrative staff.

Use the Campus Solutions Administrator homepage to access a variety of Campus Solutions administrative functions using navigation collections.

For information on the navigation collections on this homepage, see Working With Navigation Collections.

Additional Tiles

If you set up integration through the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub, the Campus Solutions Administrator navigation collection can also display tiles from the integrated systems.

On the interaction hub cluster, homepages with the same name are automatically merged. Therefore, tiles from other homepages automatically appear on the CS Campus Solutions Administrator homepage when integration to the source system is active and the user has security access to the tiles.