Using the Student Homepage

This topic describes the delivered Student Homepage.

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Student Homepage


Access a variety of Student self-service transactions.

Use the Student Homepage to access a variety of self-service transactions.

Tiles on the Student Homepage

Tiles are listed in alphabetical order. Depending on the homepage setup, you may be able to choose which tiles appear on the homepage.

Tile Name


Academic Progress

Select this tile to:

  • view summary of academic progress

  • view academic progress details, academic requirements, and course details

  • view course requirement alerts

  • view expected graduation term

  • view and e-mail advisors

  • refresh advisement report data

Academic Records

Select this tile to:

  • view course history

  • view grades

  • view unofficial transcript

  • request official transcript

Financial Account

Select this tile to:

  • view your account balance

  • make payments

  • view charge and deposit due dates

  • enroll in direct deposit

  • view payment history

For more information, see Managing Financial Accounts Using PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface.

Financial Aid

Select this tile to:

  • view award summary

  • accept or decline awards

  • view disbursement information

  • report outside aid

  • view financial aid summary

Manage Classes

Select this tile to:

  • view a list of student classes by class and by date

  • view class and meeting details

  • validate classes prior to enrollment using the shopping cart

  • search for classes and courses

  • view your planner, move or delete planned courses; add courses from the course catalog or My Requirements

  • enroll in classes from the planner or My Requirements

  • drop, update, swap classes

My Preferences

Select this tile to view and edit the following:

  • Campus Preferences page

  • General Settings page


Select this tile to view and edit:

  • Personal Details

  • Biographic Details

  • Contact Details

  • Addresses

  • Emergency Contacts

  • Ethnicity: IPEDS Ethnicity and Ethnic Background details, if set up

  • Privacy Restrictions, if set up

Note: If a Name, Email or Phone is a lengthy value and appears truncated, select the row to view the full details. Display-only records open in View Name, View Email, View Phone pages, while other records open in Edit mode pages.


Select this tile to view:

  • checklist items and complete Activity Guide tasks (To Do items)

  • holds

  • agreements completed through activity guides on the Completed Agreements page, if a completed agreement exists for a user with the required security access

Additional Tiles

If you set up integration through the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub, the Student Homepage can also display tiles from the integrated systems.

On the interaction hub cluster, homepages with the same name are automatically merged. Therefore, tiles from other homepages automatically appear on the Student Homepage when integration to the source system is active and the user has security access to the tiles.