Campus Self Service Business Processes

Campus Self Service business processes are extensions of information and functionality of PeopleSoft Campus Solutions applications.

Note: For full implementation planning, read all of the setup topics in this documentation, Campus Solutions Application Fundamentals, and Campus Community Fundamentals. Take advantage of all PeopleSoft sources of information, including documentation for the individual PeopleSoft Campus Solutions applications, installation guides, table-loading sequences, data models, and business process maps.

Campus Self Service enables you to provide self-service functionality from the following familiar PeopleSoft Campus Solutions applications:

  • Campus Community

    Campus Community offers self-service Campus Personal Information and Community Directory Search.

    The Community Directory Search self-service functionality enables you to provide searchable directories of members of your campus community online over the internet.

    Campus Personal Information self-service provides configurable internet access to the following:

    • Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers.

    • Emergency Contacts.

    • Extracurricular Activities.

    • FERPA Privacy Control.

    • Languages.

    • Work Experience.

    • Licenses and Certificate.

    • Publications.

    • Memberships.

    • Honors and Awards.

    • Service Indicators as Holds Lists.

    • Checklists as To Do Lists.

  • Recruiting and Admissions:

    Recruiting and Admissions provides your users the ability to perform several transactions directly over the internet.

    Recruiting and Admissions self-service provides configurable internet access to the following:

    • Visitors can request information from your institution and a particular academic career and program. When visitors request information over the internet, they enter information about themselves that the system converts to prospect data.

    • Applicants can accept or decline admission.

    • Applicants can view their application status.

    • Administrators can view prospect and applicant information by category, region, and organization.

  • Student Records:

    Student Records provides students and faculty the ability to perform several transactions directly over the internet.

    Student Records self-service provides students or faculty access to the following:

    • Student Center

      A self-service page that provides students a single entry point from which to begin navigation to student related transactions. The Student Center also presents to students, in one location, the information that is important to them, such as their class schedule, important dates, to do list, and account information.

    • Student Planner

      A self-service page that provides students with a tool to plan their courses for an individual term, multiple terms, or their entire stay at the institution.

    • Enrollment Shopping Cart

      A staging area where students can plan and build their schedules for an upcoming term.

    • Enrollment

      Students can add, drop, swap, and edit classes with the help of a step by step wizard feature exists that guides students through the processes. Students can also view assignments, class and exam schedules, and enrollment dates, and search for classes and browse the course catalog.

    • Academic Records

      Students can view grades, request official transcripts, view unofficial transcripts, view advisor information, and request enrollment verification.

    • Degree Progress/Graduation

      Student can view their degree progress report and apply for graduation.

    • Transfer Credit

      Students can model transfer credit and run a transfer credit report.

    • Faculty Center

      On the Faculty Center self-service page, instructors can view their class and exam schedules; search for faculty and classes; browse the course catalog; and access class rosters, grade rosters, learning management system web sites, and advisee information.

  • Financial Aid:

    Financial Aid provides students the ability to perform several transactions directly over the internet.

    Financial Aid provides students access to the following:

    • Accept/Decline Awards

      Students can accept, decline, or reduce award amounts. They can request a change to their financial aid, cancel their aid, or request a meeting with a financial aid administrator.

    • View Financial Aid

      Students can view their cost of attendance, expected family contribution, total aid, type of award, loan application status, loan amount, loan fee, and scheduled disbursement data.

  • Student Financials:

    Student Financials provides students and faculty the ability to perform several transactions directly over the internet.

    Student Financials self-service provides students or faculty access to the following:

    • Account Inquiry

      Students can view details about their financial account.

    • Payment Profile

      Students can create and maintain payment profiles for credit card or eCheck account details.

    • Make a Payment

      Students can use the payment wizard to make credit card or eCheck payments to their account.

  • Contributor Relations:

    Contributor Relations provides fundraisers with bundled prospect information in Outreach. For development officers who have responsibility for cultivating prospects and raising funds, Outreach enables them to access prospect information and giving strategy through a single location.

    Outreach self-service functionality provides access to the following:

    • Strategy information—to add, update, and view prospect strategies and link actions to those strategies. Then users can view strategy summaries and associated actions.

    • Action Plans and Results—to add and update actions, and report results. Users can also view action and contact report summaries and clearances.

    • To Do Lists—to create individual staff to do lists displaying information about prospects. Then users can view, sort, and update the lists.

    • Analysis—access to a wide variety of online reports.