Getting Started With Campus Mobile

This section provides high-level views of Campus Mobile functionality.

Campus Mobile Overview

Campus Mobile is a new self-service interface designed for smartphone form factor devices. It is delivered as part of Campus Solutions Self Service and is deployed as an iOS or Android application. The application features high-value transactions to which students desire to have constant, always-available access. Features of Campus Mobile include the ability to: view class schedule, view grades, view schedule of classes, enroll in classes, manage the enrollment shopping cart, and view finances, “to do's” and holds. Further, Campus Mobile takes advantage of the new Campus Solutions notification framework to provide proactive communication to students. Delivered with Campus Mobile are a number of notifications (for example, the system notifies a student when a grade is posted). Each event that triggers a notification can be configured to use one or more communication channels (such as, email, SMS, and push notifications). In addition, the Campus Solutions notification framework also provides the ability for a student to manage how they receive notifications. The Campus Mobile smartphone application is a secure, simplified, and personalized platform for students to conduct key Self Service processes. Your institution can brand, customize, and extend the Campus mobile application to suit your campus requirements.

Campus Mobile Integrations

Campus Mobile utilizes delivered Campus Solutions web services such as the Enrollment Web Service (EWS). For Campus Mobile, a RESTful version of the delivered web services are deployed. To optimize the web service performance, Campus Mobile takes advantage of the Entity Profiling features new to Campus Solutions.

By taking advantage of functionality first delivered in Peopletools 8.52, we are able to deliver RESTful versions of the delivered web services. RESTful web services require lower overhead than SOAP-based services, thus lowering the bandwidth requirement for delivering data to a mobile device. Entity Profile gives us the ability to create and use a mobile profile that limits the amount of data delivered in the web service payload to the subset of data that Campus Mobile needs, thus again lowering the bandwidth requirement for delivering data to a mobile device.

Campus Mobile uses Campus Solutions Authentication and Authorization web services. These are RESTful web services that make it possible for users to log into Campus Mobile with the same credentials as they use in Campus Solutions Self Service. The security role, CS Mobile Student, is used to provide access to Campus Mobile. Campus Mobile also uses Campus Solutions User Preferences web services to retrieve the data displayed in the Campus Mobile Profile feature.

For more information on the implementation of security in Campus Mobile as well as implementation of web services, see Campus Mobile Implementation Guide in My Oracle Support (ID 1548793.1).

Important! Because of the REST implementation requirement, Campus Mobile requires at least PeopleTools 8.52.


Campus Mobile Implementation

Campus Mobile implementation involves configuring Campus Solutions, configuring and branding the Campus Mobile application itself and delivering the Campus Mobile application to students through channels such as the Apple App Store and Google Play. The following sections of this document discuss configuring Campus Solutions; see Campus Mobile Implementation Guide in My Oracle Support (ID 1548793.1) for configuring and branding information.

Licensing Oracle Mobile Application Framework

Starting with version 5, Campus Mobile is built on the Oracle Mobile Application Framework. Formerly known as ADF Mobile, Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) has been split from ADF and is now a separately licensed product. MAF includes the MAF Foundation License which allows customers to configure, brand, compile and deploy mobile application archive files like Campus Mobile without the need for a full MAF license.

Also, the map display functionality requires a separate license to Oracle Maps Service for PeopleSoft. Before customizing Campus Mobile, refer to the detailed license information in Licensing Information User Manual for Campus Solutions (LIUM) on the Campus Solutions Documentation Home Page in My Oracle Support.