Understanding Campus Self Service for Financial Aid

Important! Financial Aid Notification (FAN) letter is a deprecated product. Support will be maintained for this product, but no new development will be produced for FAN. It is strongly recommended that you use Communication Generation (Comm Gen) instead. For more information on Comm Gen, see Using the Communication Generation Process

Financial Aid Self Service enables students to view financial aid information and take necessary action. Students can report awards they earned from sources external to the financial aid office. They can accept, decline, and reduce award amounts and then print the Financial Award Notification (FAN). After accepting an award, a student can select a lender to secure the loan and then fulfill loan counseling requirements. Students can also request a change to their financial aid, cancel their aid, or request a meeting through the Request Counselor Action feature.

Students can view a summary of and detailed information about their financial aid for a specific aid year, which includes:

  • estimated financial aid budget, expected family contribution, estimated need, total aid, and remaining need

  • type of award and the offered and accepted amount for each term within the aid year

  • loan application status, loan amount, loan fee, net amount, scheduled disbursement data, and lender information

Financial Aid Self Service is accessible using classic or PeopleSoft Fluid User interface.