Understanding DLHE Self-Service Survey

Students use the self-service DLHE Survey feature to enter and submit the survey to an academic institution. Administrative users of an institution can use the feature to complete a survey on behalf of a student. After the academic institution collects the survey responses, they use the Campus Solutions HESA functionality to generate the DLHE return from the survey responses and then submit the return to HESA.

Survey Statuses

Each student DLHE record has a status field (SSR_HE_SURV_STATUS) that indicates the stage an individual student is in the survey process. The following table describes the statuses.




This status indicates that a student DLHE record has been created, but no survey data has been stored. This status allows an administrator or student to access the survey to input responses.


A record with a status of New moves to Saved once survey responses have been entered and the user clicks the Save button. This status indicates that the survey is incomplete and the user expects more information to be input. This status allows access to the user to previously saved surveys.


The user indicates that they have completed the survey and wishes to submit their answers by clicking the Submit button. Once a survey is in a status of Submitted, it is closed to the student and only the administrator can add further responses.


For administrative use only. This status is used to indicate survey records that are complete. This indicates that the record has been reviewed by an administrator and is ready for extraction.

For surveys entered by administrators, the status would change from either New or Saved to Coded once the manual survey process has been undertaken and the survey was deemed complete.

For surveys entered via student self-service, an administrator would change Saved or Submitted surveys to Coded once additional coding had been done and the survey was deemed complete.


For administrative users only. This status is used to indicate records that should be excluded from the survey population. The survey responses are retained.


For administrative users only. This status indicates records should be excluded from the survey population. Survey responses already recorded are retained and not deleted.

Full details of the DLHE survey and return are available on the HESA website.

Before individuals can use the DLHE Self-Service Survey feature, you must:

  • Use the HESA Return Setup page to set up the DLHE survey.

  • Create the survey records for the students. To identify the eligible students for inclusion in the DLHE survey and have the system automatically create survey records for the eligible students, run the Identify DLHE Target Population process. You can run the Import POPDLHE Survey Target List process to create the records for a survey. To manually create a student survey record, use the Survey Management – Add a Survey page.