Prerequisites for Setting Up Student Financials Self Service

Before students can make payments through Student Financials self service in the classic user interface, you must:

  • Set up SF business units.

  • Establish charge priorities.

  • Establish payment overall priorities.

  • Define Item Types for Deposit, eCheck, and credit card payments.

  • Establish an SF term default.

  • For each SF institution set established, you must create a corresponding setID and define the corresponding tableset control value, particularly for SF11_WEB (Internet Pymnts — INSTITUTION SET).

  • Establish at least one Payment Merchant per third party merchant ID.

  • Establish at least one SF merchant ID per payment type (credit card, eCheck, or both) that is to be supported by your institution.

  • Select the Accept Self-Service Payments check box on all appropriate SF institution set parameters.

  • Assign an SF institution set to students.