Browsing the Course Catalog Using PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface

Use keywords to search for courses using the course catalog in PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface. You can filter the search results by Course Career, Academic Organization, Campus, Typically Offered, Units, and so on. From this page, you can also track recently viewed courses.

Field or Control


Additional ways to search

Click to search for classes by subject, catalog number, or frequency or the term that the course is offered. Only subjects that are scheduled for the term appear in the Available Subjects field.

When you select a course, the Course Detail page appears. From the Course Detail page, you can add the course to the planner, or if classes are scheduled view class sections. If classed are scheduled, you can select a term, and then select a class option. Once you select a class option, you are guided through a process where you either add your class to the shopping cart or go straight to enrollment.