Managing Academic Records Using PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface

Using PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface, click the Academic Records tile on the Student Homepage to:

  • Review course history

  • View grades

  • View unofficial transcript

  • Request an official transcript

  • View previous requests for transcripts

Page Name

Definition Name


Academic Records (Tile)


Click to access course history, grades, submit requests to view unofficial transcript or get an official transcript.

Course History


Review information on: 

  • courses taken

  • planned courses

  • transferred courses

  • courses in progress

View Grades


Review grades for a class.

View Unofficial Transcript


Request to view unofficial transcript.

Request Official Transcript


Enrolled and previously enrolled students as well as alumni can request an official transcript.

Submit Request

Use this page to select the processing options, destination, quantity and delivery method for your request.

Field or Control


Select Report Type

This group box appears when your institution defines more than one advisement report for self service.

Select Processing Options

When you select Degree Confer Date or Grade Posting, you must select a term.

Select Destination
  • Send to My Address:

    • Yes is the default setting.

    • No allows you to enter a different delivery address.

  • Send To: By default, your primary name is set. You can change this for your transcript.

Select Delivery Method

The delivery method is defined by your institution.

The Make a Payment button appears on the Transcript Request Confirmation page If your institution requires payment for generating a transcript. You can choose to pay later by clicking the x button. Your request is submitted, but is not processed until you make your payment. If you choose to pay later, retrieve the request by going to the View All Requests page.

View All Requests

Use this page to view a history of your requests. From this page, you can also make a payment for requests you have yet to pay.

Field or Control


Request Status / Payment Status

The status “On Request” means your request has been submitted.

A payment status can be:

  • Blank, which means no attempt to pay has been made. If the status is blank and your institution requires a payment for the transcript, then select the request and then click Make a Payment. Follow the instructions on the screen to submit your payment.

  • Received, which means payment was successfully received

  • Unsuccessful, which means payment was declined

Make a Payment

This button is enabled when you select a request whose Payment Status is blank.