Managing Applications Using PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface

Applicants can perform the following tasks using Applicant Self Service in PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface:
  • Track application status (incomplete or complete)

  • Access information about an application’s status and the requirements to support an application. If applicants require more information or have questions, they can also obtain contact information.

  • View the admissions decision, when available, and view the decision letter

  • Create or view requests to defer admission, withdraw an application, or change an application program or plan

  • Accept or decline the offer of admission, if admitted

  • Change the response to an admission offer, if applicants have previously declined or accepted one

  • Accept or decline an offer to be wait-listed

  • Upload a document in the process of admission

  • Pay an admission deposit

Important! How you set up the various elements in the Admissions tile determines what applicants can view in PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface. See Configuring Self Service Display for Applicants.

Page name

Definition Name


Admissions Tile


Access the Application Status and Requests pages.

Select a Value


Select and view an application. This page appears when an applicant has multiple applications.

Application Status


From the Application page, you can:
  • view application status, its related information, decision letter and institution contact information

  • change your response to an admission offer

  • accept or decline an offer to be wait-listed

From the To Do List page, you can view checklist items for each application and its status. Select a row for more information about each item. If the application requires you to submit a document, click the Upload File button. To enable file uploads, see Enabling File Uploads for Applications in Fluid User Interface.

If you have multiple applications, click the Change button to view other applications.



View requests you have created or create a new request to defer admission, withdraw an application, or change an application program or plan.

When you create a request to defer admission, you must upload valid documents to support your request for deferral.

Accept/Decline Admissions


Accept or decline the offer of admission.

Accept and Decline buttons appear on the page when an application is in Admitted status.

Depending on the setup, the View Decision Letter link appears on the Application tab. Click the link to view a PDF version of the letter in the device’s native client.