Managing Notification Preferences in Self Service

Self-service users can set and update their preferences for how they receive notifications.

Note: These preferences are ignored if the Override Notification Preferences check box has been selected on the Notification Setup page. This capability is offered for situations where a recipient must be sent a notification even if the recipient has not set their preferences, and particularly relates to Delegated Access/New User Registration.

See Configuring the Generic Templates for Notifications Framework

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Notification Preferences


Self Service > Campus Personal Information > Notification Preferences

Set and update notification preferences.

Access the Notification Preferences page (Self Service > Campus Personal Information > Notification Preferences.

Self-service users can set their notification preferences, including which phone or email type should receive notifications. For example, users can set their phone type to one which can receive an SMS message.

Users must have at least one email or SMS type to be able to set a preference on these pages. If a phone or email address does not exist, a Define Emails link or Define Phone Numbers link appears.