Planning Courses

This section discusses how students plan courses using My Planner functionality in the classic user interface.

The navigation tabs that are used in self-service academic planning are defined on the Navigation Tabs Setup page.

Self-service My Planner functionality provides students with a tool to plan their courses for an individual term, multiple terms, or for their entire stay at the institution. After students add courses to their planner, they can proceed directly from planning to enrollment. Students with multiple careers are provided with a planner for each career.

The Planner differs from the enrollment shopping cart in the following way: the shopping cart requires students to add scheduled class sections to their cart, whereas the planner enables students to accomplish long-range planning by adding courses to their planner, whether or not the class schedule has been created for future terms.

When students access My Planner, past terms are collapsed while current and future terms are expanded. Current and future terms are determined by the Student Planner date range defined on the Term table under Display In Self-Service.

Depending on your Installation Student Administration setup, you can implement the planner using one of the following: Academic Advisement or Program Guide. If the institution does not use either, then the planner still works exclusively with Browse Course Catalog. To disable the planner, remove My Planner security; the planner page and references to planner are hidden.

My Planner includes three ways for students to take action. They can:

  • Add courses to their planner using the Browse Course Catalog or Plan by my Requirements buttons.

  • Assign courses to a projected term.

    TheMove selected courses to Term drop down list box only includes terms that are valid as defined in the Student Planner date range on the Term Table under Display In Self-Service.

  • View planned courses by term and proceed to enroll in a course when enrollment becomes available for the term. Students can enroll in planned courses from My Planner by selecting the course description to access the course detail and view sections scheduled for a selected term; students can then select the section for which they want to enroll. Students can also enroll in planned courses from the shopping cart, add, and swap pages.

Page Name

Definition Name



My Planner


  • Self Service > Academic Planning > My Planner

  • Click the Plan link on the Student Center page.

Students plan courses based on their academic requirements or by browsing the course catalog.

Plan by My Requirements


Click the Plan by my Requirements button on the My Planner page.

Students review a comprehensive list of their degree requirements and access course details linked to a particular requirement. Students can add courses to their planner and view class sections offered for a selected term from the Course Details page. Term activated students also have the option of directly adding classes to their shopping cart and proceeding to enrollment.

Browse Course Catalog


Click the Browse Course Catalog button on the My Planner page.

Students can review all active courses within the course catalog and add courses valid for their institution and career to their planner. As with Plan by My Requirements, students are able to drill down on the Course Detail page to view class sections for a selected term and, if term activated, to directly add classes to their shopping cart.

My Planner - Requirements


Self Service, Academic Planning, My Planner

Click the requirement icon:

Requirement icon

The requirement icon appears on the My Planner page when a student adds a course to the planner from the Plan by My Requirements or My Academic Requirements pages. When students select the icon, the requirement details indicate the requirement from which the course was added. If, when evaluating the course work, the course is used for a different requirement, the system provides additional information.

Browse Course Catalog - Course Detail


Click a course title on the Browse Course Catalog page.

View course details and access class sections.