Setting Up FE FAN View and Print Options

Important! Financial Aid Notification (FAN) letter is a deprecated product. Support will be maintained for this product, but no new development will be produced for FAN. It is strongly recommended that you use Communication Generation (Comm Gen) instead. For more information on Comm Gen, see Using the Communication Generation Process

Students can view and print their Forms Engine (FE) financial aid notification letter (FANLTR) in self-service if you display the links on their Award Summary and Award Package pages.

Before a student can print an FE FAN letter from Self Service, either GhostView or Adobe Distiller must be installed to format the PDF.

Page Name

Definition Name



FE Award Notification Defaults


Financial Aid > Awards > Notification Letter > Award Notification Defaults

Ensure that the Display NID check box is not selected to avoid printing U.S. students' Social Security Numbers on their FAN letters. Select the Print Cancels and Print Declines check boxes to show links to canceled or declined awards.

Inquiry Options


Set Up SACR > Common Definitions > Self Service > Financial Aid > Self Service Options > Inquiry Options

Select the Award Notification check box in the Display Data group box to display the FE Award Notification PDF link on the students' Award Summary and Award Detail pages. Enter a name for the link to the FE Award Notification PDF process in the View Award Notification field in the Alternate Text group box.

FA Item Type 3


Set Up SACR > Product Related > Financial Aid > Awards > Financial Aid Item Types > FA Item Type 3

Select Print from the Print Letter Option drop-down list box.