Setting Up Type Control

This section discusses how to set type controls.

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Type Control


Set Up SACR > Common Definitions > Self Service > Type Control

Set type controls to identify the types of names, addresses, phones, and email addresses for self-service users to view, edit, or delete.

Access the Type Control page (Set Up SACR > Common Definitions > Self Service > Type Control).

Image: Type Control page

This example illustrates the fields and controls on the Type Control page. You can find definitions for the fields and controls later on this page.

Type Control page

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Type Control

Select the level of control that you want to apply to the data type when you provide it to self service users. For example, if you want to make phone numbers available to self-service users and permit them to edit or delete the phone numbers, but you do not want them to be able to delete the Home phone type, select the control type of Edit - No Delete for that phone type.

Warning! If no type control is selected, the system uses Full Edit.

Values for this field are delivered with your system as translate values. Do not modify these values in any way. Any modifications to these values could require substantial programming effort. The options are:

Display Only: Exposes this information to self-service users. Does not permit them to enter or edit the specified type or its associated data.

Do Not Display: Does not expose this information (neither the type nor its associated data) to self-service users.

Edit - No Delete: Exposes this information to self-service users. Permits them to edit the data, but does not permit them to delete the type.

Full Edit: Exposes this information to self-service users. Permits them to edit and delete the specified type and its associated data. (This is the least restrictive and the default value.)

Important! You cannot change the Name Type (Primary) or the Address Types (Home and Mailing) values. These are set on the Campus Community Installation Names/Addresses page.

Campus Solutions delivers Name Type and Address Types with Edit - No Delete type control level. You cannot apply the lesser restrictive control of Full Edit to these types. However you can apply the more restrictive controls of Display Only or Do Not Display.

Self-services users can change data for these address types, but they cannot delete the types. This is why the Delete (Home) address(es) and Delete (Mailing) address(es) links are never available on the Current Addresses page. If you modify these mapping types on the Installation Table, you must also modify the type control settings on the Type Control page.