Using Entry Points into the Perkins eMPN Process

This section provides an overview of Perkins eMPN functionality and discusses how to:

  • View Perkins loan award details.

  • View Perkins loan award summary.

The Perkins eMPN process supports the requirement that schools use the Perkins Master Promissory Note (MPN) and provide the option for students to complete and sign their Perkins MPN electronically. To comply with regulatory disclosure and notification requirements for the federal Perkins loan, the system includes specific disclosure items. In addition, most self-service pages allow for site-defined text so that institutions can include specific wording that satisfies their requirement as a holder of the Perkins loan.

Students can access the eMPN process to view their promissory note information using the Accept/Decline Awards, View Financial Aid, Sign Perkins Promissory Note, or View Perkins Promissory Note menu paths. Contained within the process are pages that acknowledge borrower rights and responsibilities, disclosures, terms and conditions, and important notices to complete the eMPN process. The system presents information to the student using both static data and user-defined text.

The Perkins eMPN pages have cancel buttons so that students can exit the Perkins eMPN process at any point. If a student cancels, the system discards any data that the student entered. When students access the electronic signature process, they are instructed to enter an identity authentication element: NID, DOB, or user-defined PIN. The institution determines the identity authentication prompt during setup. Students must select a check box to indicate consent to proceed with the Perkins eMPN process. The system authenticates the information and captures the date and time of the consent. To continue and complete the process, students must verify that their personal information is correct, provide loan references, review loan indebtedness and repayment schedule, review and accept their rights and responsibilities, and review and electronically sign their federal Perkins Master Promissory Note. The system provides pages for students to review current and history information regarding their Perkins MPN.

Oracle recommends that you use the user-defined text to define instructions and information for your student population. The text on Perkins eMPN pages can be easily modified to best meet your institutional requirements. These user-defined text messages are contained within Message Set Number 14409. Message Set Number 14409, 500 number series, are user-definable messages for Financial Aid Self Service pages.

The system is designed to dynamically provide various entry points within the Campus Finances menu for the student to begin the eMPN process: Sign Perkins Promissory Note, Accept/Decline Awards, and View Financial Aid. The system evaluates whether a valid Perkins MPN is present. At a minimum, the student must accept a Perkins loan before being allowed to access the Perkins eMPN process.

Note: If a valid Perkins MPN is present, the system dynamically provides links at entry points for the student to view Perkins Promissory Note history pages.

Page Name

Definition Name



Financial Aid - Award Package


Self Service > Campus Finances > Accept/Decline Awards > Financial Aid - Award Package

Accept, decline, and reduce awards. This page also facilitates entry into the Perkins eMPN process.

Financial Aid - Award Detail


Click the Federal Perkins Loan – MPN link on the Financial Aid - Award Package page.

View scheduled disbursements by term. This page displays the type of award, date, term, and award amount. It also facilitates entry into the Perkins eMPN process.

Financial Aid - Award Summary


Self Service > Campus Finances > View Financial Aid > Financial Aid – Award Summary

View a detailed summary of financial aid by aid year. This includes the type of award and the offered and accepted amounts for the aid year and terms within the aid year. This page also facilitates entry into the Perkins eMPN process.

Accept/Decline Financial Aid - Submit Confirmation


Click the Yes button on the Accept/Decline Financial Aid page.

View submittal confirmation. If the system determines that a Perkins MPN is required, then additional instructions and buttons enable students to access the Perkins eMPN process.

If the award has the MPN Required option, the system provides a link to the Perkins Loan Promissory note on the Financial Aid - Award Detail page.

If the award has a completed and valid MPN record, the Perkins Loan Promissory Note link takes the student to the Perkins Promissory note history page. If the award does not have a valid MPN record and the award is accepted, the link takes the student to the introductory page for the Perkins eMPN process.

If the item type has the MPN Required option, the award is accepted, and the system determines that a valid MPN has not yet been completed, then the system displays a Sign Perkins MPN link on the Financial Aid - Award Summary page. The student can click the link to access the introductory page for the eMPN process.

The system displays the View Promissory Note link if a valid MPN has been completed for the award. The link directs the student to the View Promissory Note page.