Using My Preferences in PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface

Use the delivered My Preferences tile on the Student Homepage to set default values and thereby minimize repetitive data entry. You can also access My Preferences from the Actions menu.

Page Name

Definition Name


Campus Preferences


Select and save default values for Institution, Career and Term. Also set up values for preferred language and method for communication.

General Settings


Select and save default settings for General Options, Regional Settings, System & Application Messages, Navigation Personalizations, Pop-Up Notification and Advanced Settings.

Define default values on the Campus Preferences page (SCC_CAMPUS_PREF_FL) for campus information and communication.

Field or Control



Define default values for:

  • Institution: Select from a list of all active institutions associated with the user.

    Changing the Institution value clears all the other fields.

  • Career: Available values depend on the selected Institution value and the careers associated with the user.

  • Term: Available only if Institution and Career values are selected. Values are based on the setup for the Institution and Career combinations. Only current or future terms are available for selection.


Define default values for communications.

  • Preferred Language

  • Preferred Method: Select a method, edit and save email addresses or phone numbers as required.