Using Self-Service Checklists Data

Checklists data is presented as a to-do item list in Campus Self Service in both the classic and fluid user interfaces. The To Do List link under Campus Personal Information in the classic interface, enables self-service users to assume responsibility for viewing and resolving their own pending checklist items.

When you set up Personal Data Summary Options for Campus Self Service, you can choose how many to-do items to display in the classic interface. No additional setup is required for self service.

In the PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface, you can use the Tasks tile to view your To Do list and Holds, and complete your checklist items. You can view agreements completed through activity guides if you have at least one completed agreement record and security access to the Completed Agreement page. For more information, see Understanding PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface Homepages.

This section lists the pages used for self-service checklists data.

Page Name

Definition Name



To Do List


Self Service > Campus Personal Information > To Do List

View your pending checklist items using a classic interface and determine what to do to satisfy the requirements.

Also, view the pending tasks (activity guide instances) on this page. Click the name of the task to access the Student Task WorkCenter for the task. For information on Student Task WorkCenter:

See Understanding Student Activity Guides.

To Do Item


  • Click the name of the To Do item in the To Do List box on the Personal Data Summary page

  • Click the name of the To Do Item on the To Do List page.

View information about a specific checklist item on a classic interface and determine what is required and whom to contact.



Select the Tasks tile on the Homepage.

On a Fluid interface,

  • View and complete the total number of To Do items—tasks (activity guide instances) and —checklist items.

  • View the number of Holds.

    Display of these totals is based on the criteria defined for the display of To Do items.

  • View completed agreements on the Completed Agreements page. These are agreements completed through activity guides. Display depends on whether a user has at least one completed agreement and has security access to the Completed Agreements page.

See Configuring Tasks

Note: You can view completed agreements on a desktop or laptop and select Print to print them using the default print options for the device. You cannot print from a mobile phone.