Using Self-Service Service Indicators Data

Self-service service indicators are presented in Campus Self Service as holds.

The Holds link under Campus Personal Information enables self-service users to assume responsibility for viewing and resolving their own negative service indicator issues.

Note: Positive service indicators are not presented from Campus Self Service. Positive service indicators are set up and applied in PeopleSoft Campus Solutions only.

Service indicators are set up in PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. When you define a service indicator in Campus Solutions, you can choose whether to display the indicator (as a hold) on self service pages for all IDs to which the indicator is assigned. When you set up Personal Data Summary Options for Campus Self Service, you can choose how many holds to display and whether to display their monetary value, if any. No other setup is required.

This section lists the pages used for self-service service indicators data.

Page Name

Definition Name



Your Holds


Self Service > Campus Personal Information > Holds

View holds placed on services for yourself and determine how and when to resolve them.

Hold Item


  • Click the name of the hold item in the Holds box on the Personal Data Summary page

  • Click the name of the hold item on the Your Holds page.

View information about a specific hold and determine how to resolve it and whom to contact