Viewing Application Status

This section discusses how applicants view their application status through Self Service classic user interface.

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Application Status


  • Self Service > Student Admission

  • Self Service > Admissions

  • Self Service > Student Center.In the Admissions section (My Applications region) of Student Center, click View Status.

Applicants can view the status of their applications.

Application status is based on the Complete check box of the Application Data page (Student Admissions, Application Maintenance, Maintain Applications, Application Data). If the Complete check box is selected, the status shows as Complete. If the check box is not selected, the status shows as Incomplete. This check box setting can be updated manually or by using the Population Update process for ADM_APPL_DATA.

Also, if one or all checklists assigned to this application are incomplete, the Show outstanding items for this application button appears. Applicants can click this button to view their outstanding items that must be received for the application to be processed and/or finalized.  The display of the application status, checklist item due date and checklist contact is based on the Applicant Status Options page for the institution and career assigned to the application. For more information, see Configuring Self Service Display for Applicants.