Viewing Term Information

This section provides an overview of term information and discusses how to:

  • Use LMS Authentication.

  • Use the LMS Button to Access the LMS Website.

The Term Information page provides students with a single access point that links to the following pages:

  • Enrollment Dates.

  • View Assignments and Grades.

  • My Learning Management Systems.

  • My Exam Schedule.

  • View My Grades.

Page Name

Definition Name



Term Information


Student Center > Enroll > Term Information

Students use links to access enrollment dates, assignments, learning management systems, exam schedules, and grades.

Enrollment Dates


Click the View my enrollment dates link on the Term Information page.

Students can view detail information about their enrollment appointments, such as start date, end date, start time, end time, and unit limits.

View Assignments and Grades


Click the View my class assignments and grades link on the Term Information page.

Students can view assignment and grade information for classes that use the Gradebook feature.

My Learning Management Systems


Click the View learning management systems link on the Term Information page.

Students access a list of LMS providers and click the appropriate provider links to directly access their home pages in those LMS providers' websites.

Note: For a provider link to appear on the My Learning Management Systems page, the Display as LMS Link must be selected on the LMS Provider page.

My Exam Schedule



Click the View my exam schedule link on the Term Information page.

Students view their exam schedule for a term.

View My Grades


Click the View my grades link on the Term Information page.

Students can view final and midterm grades for a selected term.

When you use PeopleSoft LMS authentication, students and instructors can use self-service pages to view their class schedules or teaching assignments for a term.

An LMS button appears next to each LMS class on these pages either when a provider for authentication is identified or when an LMS URL is provided on the Schedule of Classes - LMS Data page. The LMS button works the same on the Student Center and My Class Schedule self-service pages for students and on the Faculty Center page for instructors.

Self-service users can also access a list of LMS providers and select the appropriate provider link to directly access their home page in that LMS provider's website.

Self-services users can access the Student Center or My Class Schedule self-service page and click the LMS button to transfer to the appropriate external LMS site.

When an LMS provider is identified for authentication and the student clicks the LMS button on a self-service page, the system authenticates the user and directly accesses the academic content for the specified class within the external LMS. With authentication, the user does not have to log in to the external site.

If instead of a provider an LMS URL is specified, no authentication takes place. The system transfers the student to the specified URL, such as an instructor's website, where he or she might have to log in.

For students, the LMS button appears next to an LMS class if they are enrolled in that class and have not dropped or withdrawn from the class.

If neither an LMS provider nor an LMS URL is assigned, the LMS button does not appear.