Viewing a Class Schedule

This section lists the pages that students use to view their class schedule using the classic interface.

Page Name

Definition Name



My Class Schedule


  • Self Service > Enrollment

  • Student Center > Enroll > My Class Schedule

Students use this page to view their class schedules for a term.

Textbook Summary


Click the View Textbook Summary link on the My Class Schedule page.

Students can view textbook assignments for each of their classes.

The link is available if you select the Display Textbook Summary link – Student Self Service check box on the Other page in the Student Records setup component (SSR_SS_ENRL_OPT).

Weekly Schedule


  • Self Service > Enrollment > My Class Schedule

    Select the Weekly Calendar View option.

  • Self Service > Enrollment > View My Weekly Schedule

Students use this page to view their weekly schedules.

Note: Before students can view their weekly schedules, you must define weekly schedule time periods.

See Setting Up Weekly Schedule Time Periods.

Academic Calendar Deadlines


Click the Academic Calendar Deadlines icon on the My Class Schedule page.

Students use this page to view drop, cancel, and withdrawal deadlines for a class on their class schedules. The page also enables students to access Gradebook and the Learning Management System if the institution sets up the connections.