(AUS) Accessing USI Information

This topic discusses how students can verify their Unique Student Identifiers (USI).

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Campus Personal Information- Unique Student Identifier


Self Service > Campus Personal Information > Unique Student Identifier

Verify USI information.

Use the Unique Student Identifier page (SS_CC_PERS_USI) to verify Unique Student Identifier (USI) information.

Access the Unique Student Identifier page (Self Service > Campus Personal Information > Unique Student Identifier). Click the Enter Your USI button. If the student has a USI National ID value for the National ID Type field on the USI Setup page, it is displayed without other Personal Details.

Field or Control


Unique Student Identifier

Enter the existing USI created on the USI website or from previous study at another institution. Your entry is validated by the USI check digit algorithm contained in the field.


Enter the student’s name: either single name; or the first, middle and family names.

Process Later

Save the record and process it later in a bulk process.


Submit the USI and student details for immediate verification using the USI web service.

The Verify USI web service verifies the USI in association with the student’s name and date of birth. If the submit process is successful, a new National ID record is created for the USI.

Customizing USI Messages

The system displays customizable descriptions of the USI field and its entry requirements. It also displays different messages for each USI submission status:

  • USI already exists

  • USI in process

  • USI submission valid

  • USI submission invalid. This can be further clarified as USI deactivated or USI records do not match.

  • USI submission returned an error.

Create and store messages for the USI field and each USI status using the message catalog tool (Main Menu > PeopleTools > Utilities > Administration > Message Catalog).