Understanding PeopleSoft Integration Broker

PeopleSoft Integration Broker is a messaging system that enables you to synchronize data in one application or system with another.

PeopleSoft Integration Broker facilitates synchronous and asynchronous messaging among internal systems and trading partners, while managing message structure, message format, and transport disparities.

PeopleSoft Integration Broker comprises two high-level subsystems: the integration engine and the integration gateway. The integration engine runs on the PeopleSoft application server. It is tied closely to PeopleSoft applications and produces or consumes messages for these applications.

The integration gateway manages the receipt and delivery of messages passed among systems through PeopleSoft Integration Broker. It provides support for the leading TCP/IP protocols used in the marketplace today, and more importantly, provides extensible interfaces for the development of new connectors for communication with legacy and internet-based systems.