Understanding the Publish Utility

The Publish utility automates the process of copying the contents of an entire table into a remote database or legacy system.

Use the utility to synchronize data from an existing system when a new PeopleSoft system is installed.

The Publish utility is built upon the PeopleSoft Integration Broker services-oriented architecture and publishes service operations to target systems. The service operations published contain messages that store the table data.

Use the Publish utility to perform full table publish or batch publish processing. These process are defined as:

Field or Control


Full table publish

The full publish process seeds, or initially populates or repopulates, a copy of an entire table into a remote database or legacy system. The entire contents of the table are published to all systems that require a copy of the table.

Batch publish

This term describes jobs or processes that run independently of their initiating process. A batch process can also run at one or more predetermined times in the future from the initiating request. A batch process is appropriate for publishing incremental changes to data in a batch environment or for processing large volumes.

To use the utility you use the PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture to create publishing rules and then assign them to service operation messages to control how the utility manages the messages it is publishing.