Understanding the XML Schema Utility

PeopleSoft Open Integration Framework enables near real-time messaging and transactions by using a format that is based on XML to convey information between diverse applications in a standard way. To take advantage of this standardization, you must obtain clear XML definitions (schemas) for each application message, component interface, or business interlink.

The XML Schema utility provides the following features:

  • Output options for the XML Schema utility, document type definition (DTD), or BizTalk definition for all application messages.

  • The ability to create an XML definition for a single object, for all of the objects, or for all of the objects by a specific owner.

  • A single flat file for each XML definition that is written to your system's %TEMP directory (when you use the Microsoft Windows client) or the server's common access file directory (when you use PeopleSoft Internet Architecture).

  • An application foundation for future standards of XML definitions.