Understanding Approval Framework in Asset Management

This topic provides an overview of Approval Framework for PeopleSoft Asset Management based on PeopleSoft Enterprise Components Approval Framework (AF) and discusses how to:

PeopleSoft Approval Framework is a feature that provides a configurable framework and page interface with which to implement the workflow approval process. PeopleSoft Asset Management uses the Approval Framework (with multi-level approval capabilities) for its approval of Asset Disposals.

Note: PeopleSoft Asset Management does not upgrade approval history data from prior functionality to the current Approval Framework approval data.

PeopleSoft Financials delivers much of the Approval Framework setup, either as system data or demo data. However, some changes are necessary to tailor your workflow requirements to your organization through using the components described in this topic. You need to activate the workflow and adjust the approval setup to identify your individual users, templates, and servers. After an asset disposal is initiated from the Disposal Worksheet, for example, the system routes the transaction to the approvers. Approvers can view and take action in two ways: using their Worklist page or navigating directly to the Asset Disposal Worksheet page.

During the approval process these actions take place:

  • The system notifies approvers that a pending action needs their attention.

  • Approvers access the transaction details, provide comments, and take action (approve or deny asset disposal, for example).

  • The system checks for additional routings in the same routing path. If all steps have been completed for the stage, then the next step is started in the next stage. If multiple routing paths exist, the system routes them in parallel.

  • Once all approvers of a disposal have approved it, the Approval Framework notifies the PeopleSoft Asset Management application and the disposal is processed.

For more information, see PeopleSoft: Approval Framework.

This diagram outlines the steps in the inspection and assessment of the delivered setup and the required considerations to set up and implement workflow using the Approval Framework in your environment.

Image: High Level Approval Framework Process Flow for Asset Management

High Level Approval Framework Process Flow for Asset Management

High Level Asset Management Approval Framework Setup

Use of the Approval Framework requires the inspection of the delivered registration definitions, the approval configuration definitions, and the approval templates for changes that are necessary for your particular installation. Although sample business processes, activities, and business events are delivered with the product, you may need to modify and tailor them to your specific implementation requirements.

In addition to enabling the Approval Framework, you define the Asset Management approval user lists and Asset Management approval process rules.