Approving Load Lines

You can approve multiple interface transaction rows and also change the Approval and Load status for multiple rows at once.

This topic discusses how to approve financial and physical loader data.

Page Name

Definition Name


Approve Page


View and approve interface transaction data.

Use the Approve page (AM_INTFC_TXN_APPR) to view and approve interface transaction data.

To set up search configuration, see Setting Up Common Search Configuration

When a search is performed to approve transaction, if any rows are returned, the Search group box is collapsed and the Search Results are displayed.

Field or Control


Load Status

Select the desired status in the Search Results group box and click Set All button to change the load status for all the rows.

Auto Approval Status

Approve or reject each transaction by selecting or deselecting the Auto Approval Status check boxes. You can also use the Select All/ Deselect All check boxes to select/ clear all the rows.

You can also click the drill down icon for each row to open a new window displaying that transaction in the Review Transaction component.