Defining Common Tables to Manage Assets

This topic provides an overview of common tables and lists the pages used to define common tables.

Oracle delivers the following common tables:

  • Calendars

  • Currencies

  • Units of Measure

Note: You can change any delivered table. To make changes to a table, however, you should make a copy of it and modify the copy. Some of these tables contain statutory information that is mandated by U.S. tax law. As well, the delivered tables are periodically upgraded when you receive new versions of PeopleSoft Asset Management. If you modify the original tables, future upgrade installations could cause problems when attempting to overwrite files that no longer exist, or overwrite files that you have modified. Use caution before changing any delivered table.

Page Name

Definition Name


Calendar Periods Page


Define the begin and end date and number of accounting periods in the fiscal year calendar.

You must define calendars so that accounting entries are generated properly.

Currency Code Page


Define currency common code definitions.

Units of Measure


Establish general units of measure for the system.