Defining On-Demand Processing for PeopleSoft Asset Management

To set up on-demand processing options, use the On-Demand Process Options component (RTM_OPTIONS).

This topic provides an overview of on-demand processing and lists the page used to define on-demand processing for PeopleSoft Asset Management.

Page Name

Definition Name


On-Demand Processing Options Page


Define the process groups that certain users can run on demand.

Process groups are groups of processes that certain users can run on demand, directly from transaction entry pages, such as the Invoice Information page in the Voucher component of Payables. The process groups that are available depend on your user ID and whether a given transaction requires the processing.

Before you can use on-demand processing, you must specify the accounting entry definitions that will be used by each source transaction-process group combination, along with other options. Accounting entry definitions define the record and fields that the Journal Generator process uses to extract accounting entries from the system source.

Set up on-demand processing for:

  • INTFAPAM: AP/AM Interface Application Engine.

  • AMPS1000: Preinterface loader.

  • AMIF1000: Transaction loader.