Integrating with Strategic Sourcing

This topic provides an overview of integrating Asset Management with Strategic Sourcing.

When a sale is initiated by Strategic Sourcing, information required to bill for the auctioned asset is made available to Asset Management and sent to Billing (if applicable). Processing transactions in multiple currencies is also available.

If you integrate with Billing, you can generate billing invoices for assets sold at auction. This link provides a conduit for accessing customer information when you are generating billing invoices.

This process map shows the typical data flow between these products:

Image: Asset Management integration to Strategic Sourcing data flow

Data flow between Asset Management and Strategic Sourcing:

Asset Management integration to Strategic Sourcing data flow

Note: Strategic Sourcing does not process all types of assets. Any assets tagged as hazardous material or that have been retired, transferred, or subjected to reinstatement, or that are subject to VAT are not processed by Strategic Sourcing. The Strategic Sourcing statuses are available within the Asset Basic Add page. These are Sold in Auction, Sent to Auction, Not Allowed to be Auctioned, and Allowed to be Auctioned.